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Global Access, Investment Focus in Asia

NIXA Asset Management has operations based in South East Asia, and Cayman Islands. We operate as an asset management firm that specializes in assisting private individuals, private companies, family offices, and public listed companies to pursue its collective financial interest globally. 

NIXA Asset Management is a multi-tiered and multi-focused firm that specializes in effective and safe investment strategies that suit the varied types of investors with primary focus on flexibility to their investment appetites and financial goals.

Nixa Asset Management is licensed as a Registered Person under the Securities Investment Business Law under Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. 
CIMA License Number:  1595650

Registration Number / Entity File Number: 354141 
Authorisation Code: 944465320710
Bloomberg LEI: 254900INUU4KTS4YSJ47


Our asset management activities include investing into high frequency trading, global equity portfolios, real estate, and other investment opportunities. Through extensive research and thorough due diligence, we select specific markets that demonstrate high potential with carefully managed and mitigated risks.

In addition, NIXA also assist clients in trust matters to safeguard client assets, by holding selected assets on behalf of clients in order to fund raise more efficiently by following the fund’s investment goals and objectives assigned.

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