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Foong Poi Ling, Angie


  • CPA (Australia) qualified finance professional with over 12 years of local and overseas working experience in Management Information Finance, offshore project management, cost efficiency and process improvement, quality assurance and team management in Finance within the banking industry.

  • Auditor with PWC, Kuala Lumpur over 2 years prior to joining the banking sector. 

  • During her banking career in Citibank and HSBC Australia for 8 years, she held various important senior roles working closely with senior management (CFO/COOs) to assist them in strategic financial decision making. 

  • HSBC Fund Asset Management Australia.

  • HSBC India and Hong Kong managing global finance offshore projects. 

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) as the key senior finance business partner providing strategic financial advice to the senior management in global banking.


Foong Nix Sun


  • Graduated from the University of Adelaide with 1st Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering in 2009. 

  • Consultant for Accenture in Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne. 

  • Responsible for coordinating complex infrastructure-related modification activities, delivering client-centric tasks, and defining solutions from deployment, operational and execution architecture to fulfil clients’ requirements. 

  • Researches & Leverages on new and suitable technology from the market in order to further improve production efficiencies of portfolios.



Leroy Frank Ratnam

  • Specialist in Mergers & Acquisitions negotiations, having been contracted to execute various high profile mergers in the finance industry

  • Specialist consultant to major banks in SEA in areas pertaining to product design, product placement, market research on consumerism & buying behavior and marketing strategies

  • Extensive experience in the Hospitality industry for General Management & Strategy, and Property Management Services for hotels and resorts.

  • Core focus and specialty is in Mergers & Acquisitions, SMC Campaigns, Corporate Restructuring, Investment Product Design & Placement, and Market Research.


Jason Chia

  • 6 years in Investment Banking Operations and Middle Office in Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Scotland

  • Specialises in Business Management, Finance and Accounting.

  • Consultant to business expansions into South East Asia for multiple organisations seeking for foundations to start from.

  • Conducts analysis and market research for expansion and penetration plans.



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Dr. Moshaddique Al Ameen, Ph.D. 

Portfolio Manager, Asia Private Equity

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Jeremy Ng

Portfolio Manager, Singapore

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Ron Yeo

Portfolio Manager, Digital Assets

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Trang Vi

Portfolio Manager, Vietnam

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Tan Wee Meng

Investment Committee Member

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Dusty Hor

Investment Committee Member 

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